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Beat Names

Music Production

Instrumental licensing, exclusive rights, custom music production, background music, mixing and mastering. 


We can design everything you need from social media graphics, banners, song art to designs for printed media (business cards, flyers, merch, etc)

Web Development

We can develop your website and the tools the best marketers use with all of their campaigns in the background to track and reach all of your customers more effectively than ever!

Business Strategy

Consulting and memberships that provide insight, knowledge, access, and tools that top entrepreneurs know that assists them in their endeavors more successfully. 

Web Design

You website is your new age business card that is your home base that you build your network directly without the social media giants limiting and threatening you. 

Artist Development

We offer artist development packages that treats you as we would one of our own artist and gives you ultimate insight, access, lessons, connections and opportunities. 


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